7. Sep, 2022

Exam Essays Made Easy With These 10 Tips – Guide 2022

Unlike essays that take days or even months to compose and complete, exam essays require you to do plan, write, and edit your essay in a small time. An exam essay judges various skills, such as critical thinking, time management, and writing skills. The essays will not rely heavily on the writers’ knowledge about the topic but their knowledge about the essay structure and style. 

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A good essay writer knows how to switch in writing essays from marathon to sprint racing. Following these tips, you can make sure that you ace your exam essay question too.
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  1. Know the essay types beforehand
You should prepare for the various types of exam and the essay prompts that you might expect in your exam. You should make sure that you are familiar with the structure and style of each of the main essay types. Familiarity with the essay parts such as the thesis statement, the hook, warrant, etc, is compulsory to take on any essay.
2.                  Practice beforehand
We all know the feeling when we fail to get out ideas on paper, laboring at each next word. The mental gears can get rusty if you aren’t in practice. Your brain no doubt will be filled to the brim with ideas and arguments but without a smooth flow of words, ideas will remain in the realm of ideas.    
3.                  Read the question carefully
It’s a bummer and a moment of panic to realize halfway through the paper that the essay required something else, and that you have read the prompt incorrectly. 

You should avoid such a nightmare and allot specific attention and time to the essay prompt. Separate the main subject and the prompt from the topic. 
4.                  Brain dump
A timed essay doesn’t absolve you out of brainstorming. Before you begin to write your essay, you should dump your ideas and support material onto a page. Techniques such as mind-mapping will help you not only list the ideas but also structure and relate them to each other. 

For argumentative and some expository essays, it is important to note down your ideas for each competing idea, irrespective of your inclination.
5.                  Scale
Once the opposing or competing ideas are thought about and put down on paper, it is up to you to decide which side will you pursue. It might depend on the volume or the quality of ideas and supporting data.
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6.                  Decide and outline
With the information, structure, and idea relationships known to you, it is now time for you to make an outline of your essay. With the outline, you will arrange the information sequence as well as the structure of the essay.
7.                  Come up with a Thesis Statement
You should write down your thesis statement before you start. It will tell you what your main claim or central idea is. And it will clarify for you the approach you are going to take to convince the reader or inform them.
8.                  Strongest point first
While arranging ideas and arguments and their information in the body paragraphs it’s important to bring your best and strongest points forward. You would want to convince the reader first and foremost in the essay with your strongest ideas and examples, as the attention span of the reader can drop with the essay. 
9.                  Close perfectly
The reader should be brought to the conclusion using a logical framework of signposting and transitioning. The essay should give the reader a closure that they see coming to a paragraph away, instead of abruptly switching from body to conclusion.
10.              Spell check and review
The timed writing will have you exhausted and desperate for a break. You should neglect these urges and review your essay and look for any mistakes in structure, style, grammar, or punctuation. A simple mistake can sometimes leave a big dent on the essay for the readers or essay evaluators. 
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